Check Out Our Latest Poll

We have added another poll for all of you christian metal and hardcore fans. This time we want to know what has been your favorite metal album for the second half of 2012. Make sure you vote and share so that your choice will come out on top.


10 thoughts on “Check Out Our Latest Poll

  1. Texas In July isn’t even a Christian band. If they don’t sing about Jesus as Lord they ARE NOT a Christian band.

    • This picture says a thousand words. It proves that people who listen to metal and hardcore or whatever music that is considered “devil music” know how to worship God in their own way. Every person who is a Christian but feel that bands like For Today, Becoming the Archetype, Demon Hunter, and so on are playing devil music, should look at this picture. We worship God in our own way as a younger generation. Through music, dance, anything. If its from the heart, it pleases God to hear the screaming and craziness cause He knows its for Him.

    • Then that would eliminate every non-praise and worship band. Half of the CCM industry would fail this litmus test. I do however agree that I wish that there were more blatant in your face bands today, but I understand the fact that people would rather build relationships and use a Godly lifestyle as their #1 ministry and have their profession (job) come secondary. The main question is are these bands a ministry or do they provide good, clean fun for believers? Most bands would obviously fulfill the secondary question, and if you look deep enough at the lyricism, e.g. allegories, parables, and symbolism, you would see that they minister to the lives of believers and let non-believers know of Jesus’ love.

    • The guys in tij bare no fruit, I see them picking girls up at shows, and multiple other things that don’t need to be mentioned. All I know is that they claim Christianity but they simply refuse to follow Jesus.

      • Well, you obviously know more about these guys than I do. I am sorry that my including them in our poll bothered you. I do also feel that Jesus will deal with them if the are living a carnal life. I also believe if they are outright frauds they will be judged accordingly, by both The Lord and their church leaders (if they are members of a church). I for one am in no place to judge anyone else in the body of Christ. I will however be vigilant in protecting the integrity of this site, so if there is a problem and or rumors about any band that is more than just here-say, they will no longer be featured. I thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I hope that other than this you enjoy the website. God bless!

  2. your all dumb. don’t talk about anyone in Texas in July unless you know them personally. yes for a matter of fact they all are christians.

    • I know them personally, one of the members was hospitalized after their show in Vegas for alcohol poisoning. Yeah sure this might hurt you to hear this, but no they are not Christian.

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