Innermeans- Innermeans EP (1997)

Sometimes in life things that are really good can unfortunately be short-lived for one reason or another. Like anything in life, the music industry can be the same way. The hypothetical roadside is littered with promising, short-lived bands. Innermeans was one of those such bands. Made up of former Bloodshed members Sean Stopnik, Timothy Clark, and Steven Dail; Alex Albert who along with Dail would play in Project 86 shortly after, and vocalist Alfred Pedroza, Innermeans played a heavier version of the hardcore music that was popular at the time.

In 1997 Innermeans released their only album, a 4-song, self-titled EP. Unfortunately for all of us who enjoyed the little taste the EP gave us, that would be all we would ever hear. Innermeans disbanded in the middle of writing their first full-length album. Other than being heavier than most bands of the same style, vocalist Alfred Pedroza had maybe the most brutal, indecipherable vocals I have ever heard and helped to give Innermeans their unique sound.

The album though brutally heavy wasn’t without its flaws. The production was very thin and at times the mixing was a bit off, but those are both small complaints. The most minor flaw of all though would have to be in the packaging. The tracklisting listed the second song “Casualty Of Me” as the fourth song and the fourth song “Falling Time” as the second. A very minor yet easily avoidable mistake.

Rating: 8/10. Though short in number of songs, 4, and playing time, under 14 minutes, Innermeans more than made up for it with their intensity and heaviness. I have often times wondered how their full-length would have been. Innermeans had something special. It’s just a shame that they were gone before their promise was fulfilled.


1. Bloodguilt
2. Casualty Of Me
3. Dischord
4. Falling Time


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